Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So many platforms to worry about....

I have been making good progress on the development of the program, but because I am including so many different types of media, I have to be aware of all the different platforms that are out there. I don't know what everyone will be using, but the task of making sure they are available on most is a daunting one.

I had used the JW player before for other projects, but revisited it when I discovered it had been retooled to work in html 5 (which one needs for iphone, ipad, etc.). It really works very well because it automatically detects what video it should display and the result is a clean, cool looking editor with no annoying "Oops" text I'd been receiving when trying to embed a flv video and viewing it on my iphone. It also automatically defaults to "download this video", if it can't be viewed in a flash editor or html 5. Very cool

I think, and I say that with caution, I've finally figured it out, so now I know the best format to create it in, and what encoded values work best. Time will tell if my choice is the best for the greatest number of users.