Monday, September 13, 2021

What if I Get Hit By A Bus?

Yep, that topic.  What if I get hit by a bus?

I'm only asking this recently.  As I've started to continue building my program due to increased interest, especially from colleagues, I've been trying to position myself for when someone may take over administration of the course too.  For now it is just me, but you never know....

For example, every graphic I created, every video, every sound file, were all residing in my free Dropbox file.  I don't pay for extra space or anything like that, but what happens to all that stuff if I'm gone?

So, for the past two weeks I have been combing through everything I've created thus far, looking for references in all the work I've done so far for any mention of the word dropbox, and changing it to the same area where the course material resides.  It will be much easier to do it now, than after I'm gone, because, every single file in my dropbox will eventually disappear, I'm assuming, which means any students, teachers or mentors that are currently involved with the program will suddenly have a bunch of pages of course material with huge blank boxes where a graphic should be, no link to any audio or video files, when the course material says it should be there.

When I say this task of finding all references to dropbox is a gargantuan task, I'm not exaggerating.  There are 10 courses, Each course has anywhere from 5-10 "Topics" .  Each topic has at least 5 subtopics or books, each book has several pages, most of which are content rich with images and graphics I've either created myself or found on the internet and use with permission or credit to the artist who created them.

So let's do the math. 10 courses X average 7 topics, X 5 subtopics, X 5 pages per subtopic - 1750 places to look, each place could have anywhere from 3-7 content items (pics, audio, video, tables, screenshots), all of which still reside in my dropbox, but now also reside at  Luckily Moodle has a great way to make files like that available to us in editing, and it took several hours to physically transfer or upload all of this rich content to a different server.  

But it is done.  

I hope......

Now excuse me while I go run in front of, oh, (clears throat) I mean, "for" the bus.  

Don't want to rush the inevitable....