Friday, February 21, 2014

Loss of a Mentor

Once again, I am mourning a significant loss.  My dearest friend, who also happened to be my piano technology teacher, mentor and role model for almost 20 years, passed away peacefully after a courageous battle with brain cancer.

He was probably the most generous person I have ever known.  He was never too busy to help me out, and often performed many of the services he was so well known for at a much lower cost than his competitors did.  He was always there when I needed him, and even though he has only been gone for about a month, there have been many occasions when I wanted to pick up the phone and call him to ask him something, only to be snapped back to the reality that I can no longer do that.

He was deeply respected in the piano technology business because he was kind, honest, and a true gentleman, and clearly wasn't doing any of his skillful work for the money.  It was simply for the love of the job.

To honour him, and his wife and grown children, I will be carrying on his legacy.  He was excited about this program I am developing, and wanted to help out in any way he could without any compensation.

So I'm doing something I have known all along.  This course is not something I'm doing strictly for the money.  It is a love of the job, and the excitement of creating something I can be proud of, and helping others who may be looking for a change in their lives but can't afford expensive education.

Rest in peace John.  I hope I am making you proud.