Sunday, April 28, 2013

Back at it at last!!

First off, let me apologize to anyone following this blog with questions about this program. My life seriously got in the way of any progress I could have made. I finished my Master's Degree in Education, which, at the end was a tremendous amount of work that gave me zero spare time.

I had a friend's teenage daughter living with me for six months last year, and can now fully appreciate any single parent, especially one with teenagers. I loved having her here and gave all I could to her.

On top of that, my mom passed away after a lengthy illness, and I've spent the last few months cleaning up her estate.

I jumped back into the program development, only to discover that the version of "moodle" (the learning management software I'm using), had undergone several upgrades, which had completely passed me by. In an attempt to upgrade, much of the data I'd entered disappeared, but luckily I did have hard copies of the course material. On top of that, many of the administrative functions I needed to create course material disappeared, and the solution to the problem seemed really complicated. So I then made the decision to do a clean install of the new version of moodle, and am slowly populating the course material with everything I'd saved on my computer.

But now I'm going full-steam ahead. Will be doing more as the summer months approach when I'm not so busy. I promise :=)