Thursday, August 4, 2011

So embarrassing..but good to know

What a day it was. I was at a customer's house this morning for a tuning. As so often happens, she inquired about becoming a piano technician. When I mentioned the course I'm developing to her, I directed her to the course website, where she could view a sample of the course.

First of all, and perhaps a sign of what was to come, the userid/password combination that I supplied didn't work. Somehow, that id had been deleted, so I signed into my administrator account and created a userid.

Then she signed in, and was able to bring up the sample course, but, yikes, none of the images displayed in the course topics! She was using Internet Explorer, and I'd only viewed the course in Firefox and Safari to this point.

Once I got home, I investigated it further. While I was able to sign in and view images on IE, it only worked when I signed in as an administrator. The images didn't display at all when a "student" signed in.

A quick search on the moodle site ( led me to the solution. I didn't understand what the setting meant, but it entailed disabling a setting in the http settings. Once I did that, it worked fine.

I'm going to need testers with different browsers, versions, and platforms to view not only the course material, but hear audio, and view videos that make up the program. This is unlikely to be the first such occurrence of some technical glitch.

I'm learning as I go.