Saturday, October 5, 2013

Free Course!

After careful consideration and on the advice of a very wise educator who has supported me extensively throughout this exciting process, I've made the difficult but necessary decision to offer PT101 for free.  Yes, you read correctly, FREE.

Why am I doing this?  There are many reasons: 

  1. Online education isn't for everyone.  Having a sneak preview of a course without any cost will help potential learners decide if it is something they can work at successfully.
  2. As I've stated on many occasions to anyone who asks about my job, it has very little to do with music.  I have to test that theory somehow, and what better way to do it than to open the course up to people interested in learning this who come from a variety of backgrounds.  Some will be very musically inclined, others not so much.
  3. PT101 doesn't require the use of a "beater" piano the way the other courses do.
  4. A mentor isn't required either.
  5. No expensive piano tools are required.  If any tools are needed, they will be ones that the learner will probably already have.
  6. I can get helpful and constructive feedback about how effectively I've designed and developed the course.  This will help me fine tune and hone the remaining courses so that the program will rival its traditional setting counterparts.
  7. I've had many questions regarding the cost for each course, and since it's still under development I can't give an exact figure.  The courses will all be priced individually and will include the necessary tools required for completion.
  8. Knowing there are people waiting patiently for me to finish the remaining courses in the program will help keep me motivated.  I expect to have PT102 (Piano Tuning Theory and Practice), and PT109 (Assessments) completed in the next two months. I'm sticking to my promise in a previous post to do a "lesson a day", and in some cases, I'm doing two.  So progress is slow but steady!
Now, don't get me wrong, I know this is necessary but it still hurts!  It has probably taken me close to 1000 hours to develop each course and I expect the others to take at least that much time to do.  It is the hardest thing I've ever undertaken but know that in the end the rewards will more than make up for it, and I'm not just talking about financial rewards.

10 more minutes of self-pity and I'll be back at it. :)

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